New Wines, Beers and Ciders are added to the portfolio monthly.  Below are the products that were added in November.




106836     Fever-Tree Smk Ginger Ale                  6/4pk/200ml



106826     Flybird Passion Fruit Margarita             12/750

106827     Flybird Watermelon Margarita              12/750

112128     Greg Norman Cabernet Sauv Paso         12/750

112169     Greg Norman Chardonnay RR               12/750

112441     Greg Norman Pinot Noir SBC               12/750

106603     XON Coppola Family Cab Sauv            12/750

Domestic Asian

106754     North American Sake Daiginjo Ser        12/375

106755     North American Sake Gensu Q Gian     12/375

106756     North American Sake Jun Nori BB        12/375

106757     North American Sake Junmai Real        12/375


112094     Greg Norman Cabernet Merlot LC         12/750

112227     Greg Norman Shiraz Cab LC                12/750

112284     Greg Norman Shiraz LC                       12/750


106709     Rough Day Cab Rose Can                     24/375

New Zealand

103713 Greg Norman Sauvignon Blanc NZ       12/750

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about what Virginia Imports has to offer, please feel free to contact your sales representative.